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DK Image


Encryption of images is proven a successful method to communicate confidential information for which countless procedures are unearthed. Still, it continues attracting researchers as usage of images in every means of digital communication has phenomenally increased.

Image and video encryption have applications in various fields including internet communication, multimedia systems, medical imaging, Tele-medicine and military communication.

Multimedia system


The large amount of information contained in the databases of all schools and universities in the world, now contain sensitive information relating to students and teachers, including their photos. DK Image allows you to protect them with the use of new "Quantum Proof" technologies.

Medical imaging


Encryption of medical image is an effective way to prevent medical images from the threats. Some conventional encryption methods, such as Data Encryption Standard (DES), Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), and International Data Encryption Algorithm (IDEA), are originally employed for securing textual data.DK Image, allows you to protect them with the use of new "Quantum Proof" technologies.

About DK Image

1What is DK Image
Protect your personal images and those related to your work, such as diagrams, medical imagery and industrial projects. The “Quantum Proof” technology, DataKrypto Image (DK Image), can store all your images in the cloud, protecting your proprietary images from unauthorized access while resisting resizing and re-encoding.
2How it works
3Can I encrypted any format?
DK Image works with most popular image format
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