Use Cases

Solution for all industries

Our "encryption in process" homomorphic encryption solution can be adopted in the most varied fields: aerospace, university, chemical, industrial, manufacturing, hospital, retail and will easily integrate into that already existing in our customers' systems, adding only an additional level of security without modifying its basic encryption structure.


Paymant and much more


DK Cloud was used to protect data within the organization in order to avoid possible leaks or theft of sensitive data related to their customers such as: payment cards, financial data, tax benefits due to disabilities.

Simplify GDPR


The adoption of DK Cloud by our customers, has made it possible to secure their data in the CLOUD and to simplify the GDPR compliance, with the cost reduction improvement, related to data protection regulations.

For sensitive patient health data


For some hospitals in the United States, DK Cloud has been the most effective and secure way to comply with HIPAA, thus minimizing the risk of losing sensitive patient health data. Among the cases of use indicated, by the respective logos, there are hospitals with a number of employees between 6,500 and 60,000 units.

Keep industrial data safe


DK Cloud has allowed third-party solution providers such as TADA to manage the data of companies in the automotive and manufacturing sectors, which share the same "orchestration procurement" platform, eliminating the risk that the confidential data of each manufacturer ends up in the hands of one of their competitors.